Bliss point

searching for the bliss point...
searching for the bliss point…
warm wishes for the New Year!
warm wishes for the New Year!

While some people have started early their quest for the perfect dessert (in the first photo you can see the result of a recent trial by two enthusiastic researchers on the subject), I have personally found my bliss point in the adorable dessert that you see in the second photo. By the way, the plant-based vassilopita was not bad either. 🙂

My warmest wishes are accompanied with my hope that in the New Year everyone manages to search for their own, personal bliss point in all the right places!

P.S.1 Thank you VeganMama for the amazing recipe and execution. Recipe to follow in the comments.

P.S.2 From wikipedia: “…The bliss point for salt, sugar, or fat is a range within which perception is that there is neither too much nor too little, but the “just right” amount of saltiness, sweetness, or richness…”. For those wanting to read more on it, a very interesting book that explains this term (amongst many other things) is the one by Michael Moss, that you can find here:…/…/0753541475

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